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The Business Association of Casabermeja (Asociación de Empresarios de Casabermeja, AEC) was established as a local business association for the representation, management, promotion, advising and defence of the common interests of entrepreneurs, traders and professionals who work at Casabermeja and who voluntarily apply for membership.

The AEC is inspired by the following basic principles:

a) Respect for private property and initiative.

b) Freedom of association of workers and employers.

c) Democratic functioning.

d) Equal rights and obligations of the members.

e) Independence from public administration in any of its forms, from political parties and from other trade unions.

The Association aims on a non-profit basis to achieve various goals, which are summarized in:

a) Supporting and promoting the economic development of the municipality of Casabermeja.

b) The defence of the common interests of the members, with the representation and management on their behalf towards authorities and economic and social organizations, and the involvement in acts of conciliation affecting them.

c) Providing advice and management services related to their business and professional functions as well as organizing training and retraining activities that affect both production and management areas.

d) Defending associated companies against professional intrusion and unfair competition.